Guy Ruben is one of the hardest working DJs around.  He has fierce taste in newer music, deep selections for classic records, and always comes with amazing energy and fashions. 

Often out dancing he gained inspiration from late ‘90s and early ‘00s House music DJs. With motivation from friends, Guy Ruben hit the dance floor hard in 2007, and has been entrancing partygoers with his unrelenting beats ever since. He’s a tour de force in the San Francisco club scene, and has held residencies in both Castro and South of Market for years.  He’s lent his seductive and edgy sound to countless parties both domestically and internationally including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, London, and Toronto.

Few other DJ's bring such a cohesive and danceable mixture of contemporary heat and well timed classics all with style and grace.

Guy Ruben's passion and perspective for music is undeniable when you see him weave together DJ sets on his signature red telephone headphone. Specializing in House, Guy Ruben’s tastes cross all genres. He’s been known to seamlessly infuse his sets with Techno, Disco, Acid House, and R&B Funk; often tossing in tracks that that the crowd may not know, but should. Boy George said it best recently - "Imagine if you went to see a comedian and knew all the jokes? Or a film and knew the ending? Why expect the DJ to play stuff you know?"

Whether it's a party at a leather bar, a circuit club, or a raucous event with hipsters and club kids, he reads the crowds and serves them a beat that's fresh.